Matthias Schenkel im Vortrag - Nov. 2017
Matthias Schenkel in der Aula

On Monday morning at 7.45 when most of our pupils try to get used to their weekly school routine some 11th and 12th graders had to meet a special challenge. Mathias Schenkel, a former student of our school gave a lecture in English on Genetic Engineering. Currently he is doing his master course at the TU Dresden in the field of Molecular Bioengineering. As he is working in a scientific group of students coming from all over the world they mainly communicate, give presentation and attend lectures in English.

We did not only get an inside into genome engineering (CRISPR – Cas 9) and adoptive immunity in connection to bacteria or the different fields where genetic engineering is used. He also talked about his life as a student in comparison to his time in our school.
Listening to his fluent speech held in a scientifically elevated style in English was a really new experience and challenge for nearly all listeners showing the importance of the English language in our today’s world.
We are thankful for Matthias’ commitment and we hope that this experience might be the beginning of a close cooperation with former graduates of our school.
( E. Stier, Fachleiter Sprachen)

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